Defining Yourself and Supporting Those Around You

Thank you to Benny Cartwright for this inspiring article about supporting our own community, even if we’d rather not be on the front lines waving our rainbow flag. Even though we may not be a direct part of our community, we are still a community and we must continue to support it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a community for those who have nothing else. Benny says, “just because the ‘LGBT community doesn’t define [an individual]’ certainly he/she wouldn’t turn down an afternoon at Urban Mo’s or a drunken night at Rich’s” – but then again, why would ANYONE turn that down??? Keep up the good work gays, we’ve been having amazing year after amazing year and are only making things bigger and better! This gayborhood has come a long way from what it was and we are only broadening our horizons!

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Source: SDGLN - Gay and the "Big Picture"