Valentine's Day

Love is in the Air!

You’re sitting at the bar, enjoying your Black Lemonade sip by sip, when you look up and see a hot piece of eye candy on the other end. He/she’s with friends and you don’t want to interrupt or, quite frankly, you just don’t have big enough balls to go up and talk to him/her. Does this situation sound familiar?

Don’t go home alone this Valentine’s Day because, once again, your cojones let you down. Even if your most trustworthy wingman is spending time with his/her significant other, we’ve got a solution for you. Postmaster Gouda will be hosting the Urban Mo’s “Pick Your Trick Valentine’s Day Party,” delivering your love notes to other singles around the bar. Rather fly under the radar and send an anonymous letter? That’s fine too (if you’re into that anonymous sort of thing). This goes beyond A4A, Connexion, Craigslist, GrindR, ManHunt, GayRomeo, Cam4, etc. – we’re going old school! If you really need that extra boost of liquid courage, we’ve got Extended Happy Hour 2-11pm! The Postmistress will be settling down at Gossip Grill as well, for those ladies looking for something to spice up their life.

Not ready to look for love? Still hung up on a special someone from the past? As always, Mo’s has something for everyone – check out the “F*@$ LOVE" Piñata and “walk tall and swing your big stick”. Score some candy and novelties with this classic tradition of letting out your tension.

Don’t leave with your valentine too early, we’re finishing up the night with a special performance by our hostess of the evening, Paris! Paris will be performing before we show this week’s new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Three and finishing up the night with throwback videos with DJ Fariba!